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My website traffic has tripled since working with Alistair!

I attribute that to the incredibly smart suggestions that he had me implementing and the thorough analysis of my website, the audience I want to work with, and keyword analysis.

What I rave about most when I tell people about Alistair--and I tell everyone about him--is how knowledgeable and thorough he is. He's patient, helped me with the learning curve, and there is an absolute clear return on the investment of putting in the time, in terms of real traffic from legitimate sources.

Alistair made the process of SEO something that I can understand. While of course someone could always just hire out for the things that they don't understand, and while I would still rather defer to his overall expertise, it feels good to be able to have a conversation and follow along because he's given me the tools to do so.

I have recommended Alistair to every colleague, everyone in my coach training program...absolutely everyone. Investing in this work with him has been one of the best decisions that I've made for my business.

Kate Swoboda

Your Courageous Life

Alistair is a magician through and through. He transforms the super-complicated into clean and simple.  For a long time now he’s been my go-to guy for all things Google Analytics, SEO, and cheeky back end website stuff that I don’t have the bandwidth to bother with.

What I appreciate so much about Al is that he does really thorough research and knows his stuff. I know that any time I ask him “Hey, should I go with x or y?” he’ll have brushed up on all the other letters of the alphabet as well and give me solid advice on what’s best for my business.

Truly sincere and easygoing, Alistair is a big dreamer with an even bigger heart. I’m deeply grateful to have him in my business back pocket and as a friend.

Heather Thorkelson

Republic of Freedom

Before hiring Alistair, I didn’t know where to start with improving my SEO strategy on my website. I didn’t even know how it could help me, but I decided to consult with him after he came highly recommended from one of my favorite business coaches, Heather Thorkelson.

Alistair offered a free Skype session during which he clearly broke down for me how SEO works and how it can help my site. He really simplified it for me and made me excited about implementing a strategy onto my site. He was so generous and patient in articulating it all to me and came across as genuinely wanting to help me rather than simply land a new paying client.

Not only did I get an awesome detailed SEO report and keyword strategy that was so logically broken down in a way that I could understand and immediately implement, it gave me inspiration and a strategy for creating effective content for my blog. I couldn’t believe how much value I got out of his simple, quickly implemented and very affordable service.

I would definitely recommend Alistair! He goes WAY above and beyond. He knows his stuff and generously educates you about SEO and how to easily and immediately implement a strategy in your business. He’ll answer all your questions and is always there for you. You feel like he’s completely invested in you successfully benefiting from his services to grow your business. His heart is most definitely in the right place and his skills will help make your business make money!

Heidi Brockmyre

Fertility Acupuncturist

Alistair is an absolute dream to work with and a true professional. I reached out to him because I wanted to update my url – something seemingly simple but absolutely terrifying for someone like me.

I needed a pro and within our first email exchange, I KNEW I’d found one. Not only did he get the job done with lightning speed, but he also explained what needed to be done each step of the way, offered me advice and resources, and made sure I was 100% happy before we wrapped up.

Alistair, you’ve made my life so much easier. Thank you, thank you!

Erin Cassidy

Hey Art Social

Alistair is a gem!  I have created 4 websites in my life and the experience of working with Alistair has been unparalleled, I finally feel like I am in control of my website and not at the mercy of my developer.  His patient manner and crystal clear teaching style is something I value immensely, very rare for techie people!  Alistair is extremely thorough and always on top of where we last left off.  It is so refreshing to work with someone who is willing to go the extra mile for you.  I would recommend his services to anyone who values how important it is to work with people who really care about you as a client and your business.

Emily Shaw


After getting our branding done we needed to update our website and Alistair was highly recommended by a friend.

He did a brilliant job, and was very patient and flexible as we were a little indecisive about certain elements, and there were many structural limitations in place that he had to overcome.

The site looks truly wonderful and his attention to detail and constant feedback were really helpful.

He went above and beyond what we expected and was a real pleasure to work with and to get to know.  We would definitely recommend him to businesses and friends alike, he was great value and delivered a spot-on result.

Xochi Balfour

Rainbo Food

As a band we were looking for someone we could all work with to put together a fantastic website that was easy to use, and easy for us to update.

Alistair ticked all the boxes and was great to work with. He understood everything we wanted and also had some great ideas of his own. He also made any changes we wanted very quickly.

If you want a website look no further than Alistair!

Dean Lathbury

Big Up The 90s

I’d been putting off hiring anyone to help me with SEO for quite awhile because I honestly thought that most people who did this were a little on the sleazy side…and their message really didn’t speak to me. I was recommended to Alistair by a fellow business associate and was so relieved to find a down to earth person to help me optimize my site.

He broke everything down into digestible pieces and made sure to explain the really complex stuff into simple terms since I’m not an SEO genius. He did a very thorough audit of my site and wrote up a very thorough report that I will be using with my assistant to go step by step through making my website better optimized. I now feel very empowered and highly recommend Alistair and his services to other small businesses!

Anna Long-Stokes

Electric Empire

Working with Alistair is a dream. Right from the first Skype chat I knew I was in safe hands. I’m a complete technophobe so the smallest things leave me baffled, but Alistair was always on hand to unravel the confusion.

My website not only looks great on the outside but behind the scenes Alistair has made sure it’s solid as a rock. There’s a reason his email is Magic Al and that’s because he’s a magician. Fantastic guy, awesome service & a website that is more than I could have wished for. Thank you so much.

Jayne Goldheart

She Is The Revolution

I couldn’t have been happier with the work that Alistair delivered.

He is professional in his presentation, he meets deadlines, and his fees are very reasonable.

I worried that working with someone in Europe might be cumbersome but not at all.

I give Alistair five stars!


Lisa Weldon

Creative Strategist

I had no idea how to put a website together or how to host it.  Alistair explained in enough detail every step of the way.  He gave me some invaluable ideas as we worked through the process of building my website keeping to my requirements and leaving me with a fantastic professional website that I am more than pleased with.

My website has brought me many customers.  His knowledge of web building and Google rankings seems second to none, my page was soon on the first page of Google. If I need to update or change anything on the site Alistair does this super quick which is as much as anyone could ask for.  Just an E- Mail or quick phone call is all that’s required.

Alistair’s can do attitude makes it easy to get the results you require.  I would have no hesitation in recommending, and have already recommended, Alistair to many people for his website construction.

Anthony Green

Guitar Teacher

Having Alistair on call really helped us feel more secure and supported especially before we launched the 7 day Seva Challenge. Having very little working knowledge of WordPress, it was brilliant having him as our go-to guy to answer all the questions we had.

I’d pose a challenge, and he would not only respond with a fix, but screen grabs of where to click, and how to make the changes/address the challenge ourselves in the future. Nice. He helped us help ourselves.

The most valuable thing about working with Alistair is his knowledge. I feel I can ask him any question and he can help us. Plus he is super-duper fast in responding which I LOVE! I just wish he would move to Cape Town!

Leela Codron

Seva Unite

When recently looking to change my blog name and website, a friend and fellow blogger put me in touch with Alistair. After a Skype meeting and some email conversation, Alistair presented me with a clear to-do list of what was needed in order to achieve the type of website I was looking for. I can honestly say he has been helpful, reliable and generally brilliant from start to finish.

Any changes and tweaks I requested were quickly completed and I valued Alistair’s input and opinion on questions I had from the general aesthetic of the site, right down to the more technical questions. In a nutshell, Alistair has created a new website for me that I am unbelievably proud to launch soon and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

If you’re looking for a positive, forward thinking person with a ‘no problem is too big’ attitude, then you’ve come to the right place! Thank you Alistair, you’ve been brilliant!

Annmaree Bancroft

Donuts + Detours

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